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We truly care about helping you move forward.

We are fierce defenders of our client’s rights and are dedicated to working together to develop a viable defense strategy. We believe in examining all the evidence and other important information related to your case and using our knowledge and established relationships within the court system to work toward a practical solution.

We'll work to find the solution that's right for you.

As your compassionate attorney in Belleville, Illinois, we care about striving for the best solution possible. We are committed to working with you, gaining all the information we can, and working towards the best possible outcome so that you can start your journey towards healing and moving forwards with your life.

You deserve a say in how your case is handled.

As your knowledgeable lawyer, we want to transmit the power back into your hands. As we guide you throughout the process, we want you to give your feedback, hear your thoughts, and work collaboratively with you so that your case isn't out of your control. However, we do take a stand when needed for your benefit.

Paul Storment

Paul M. Storment III

Attorney at Law

Paul M. Storment III is a Belleville, Illinois native. As such, he is committed to serving as a trial attorney and mediator for those in the area who need a knowledgeable lawyer for these services. Mr. Storment's father was an attorney in the area since before Paul was born. Paul found his passion in helping people and now has more than 30 years of practice and experience. Paul's competitive but realistic nature is what you need in an attorney/mediator.
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Defending a Wide Variety of Charges

If you’ve been charged with armed robberies, murder, sex crimes, domestic battery & assault, or DUI/DWI & drug violations, call us for representation.

Major Felonies

When you’re facing major felony charges such as an armed robbery, drug offenses, sex crimes, home invasion, or murder, we will work diligently to defend you and your rights.

Mediation (Non-Lawyer Services)

Personal, and corporate, contacts with the law can be difficult — both emotionally and financially for everyone involved. The best part of this is that these matters can many times be resolved without having to go to Court or before the case is even filed.

- Landlord/Tenant disputes (either residential or commercial)

- Personal Injury cases (e.g. vehicle accidents, slip and falls, and premises liability)

- Contract disputes

- Will Contests or contested guardianships for minors or disabled adults

- Employment cases (e.g. Racial and Sexual Harassment, wage disputes, and illegal


Residential and Commercial Landlord & Tenant Law

Our law office strives toward making sure Landlords and Tenants, commercial or

residential fulfill their lease and have fair treatment. In addition to court orders and

litigation, we can help with cases via mediation disputes without filing a case with

the court.

- Evictions
- Security Deposit Returns

- Notice to Raise Rent

- Other Rent Rules

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Let our skilled Southern Illinois attorney be your advisor and your advocate during this uncertain time.

Serious criminal charges can completely upend the lives of those charged and impact their loved ones negatively. It is a confusing time, and having minimal knowledge of the law and your rights can compound the problem. Seeking the advice of an experienced attorney during this trying time will enlighten you on the different paths you can take to move past the situation. If you are in the Belleville, Illinois, area, reach out to us for assistance.

Dealing with living situation issues such as eviction, rent raises, and more is an extremely sensitive matter. We want to sit down and discuss the best possible options for your unique situation. While every case is prepared as if we’re going to trial, mediation is a likely option and skill we are ready to put to work on your behalf. We want to find solutions that will be in everyone’s best interest.