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Mediator in Belleville, Illinois

(As a neutral, not as a lawyer)

Personal and corporate contacts with the law can be difficult — both emotionally and financially for everyone involved. The burdens associated with these types of legal matters can be eased with help from an experienced lawyer who is also a mediator. The best part of this is that these matters can many times be resolved without having to go to Court, or before the case is even filed.

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You can entrust your dispute to me, Paul M. Storment III, an attorney with more than 30 years of experience. Based in Belleville, I can provide mediation services to people and companies who are facing lawsuits or other conflicts throughout Southern Illinois. In addition, these services can be accomplished either in person or electronically (via Zoom, or Google Meet).

The mediation segment of my practice includes:

  • Family Disputes (parental responsibility, parenting time, divorce or post-divorce issues)

  • Personal Injury cases (e.g. vehicle accidents, slip and falls, and premises liability)

  • Contract disputes

  • Will Contests or contested Guardianships for minors or disabled adults

  • Employment cases (e.g. Racial and Sexual Harassment, wage disputes, and illegal termination)

  • Landlord/Tenant disputes (either residential or commercial)

  • Work Place Disputes (job disharmony, employee conflicts, or management/employee discord)


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